10 Statement Necklaces For Summer

Well, we’ve officially gotten past the July 4th weekend, so summer time has certainly arrived in a major way. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and everyone seems to be in a great mood. This is a great time for fashion too. No more boring and reserved outfits – it’s time to let loose with colorful and fun styles that really show your unique personality. Here are ten statement necklaces from the Cute Little Finds shop that are sure to take your fashion statements from boring and staid to bold and exciting.

  1. Asai Beaded necklace: This  colorful necklace made from Acai beads creates a striking and cascading effect on your neckline that really enhances the visual appearance of any tank top, flirty blouse or a lace t-shirt. Excellent for an exotic/ethnic influenced look.
  2. Fortune Cookie Necklace: This is one of those standout items that will garner compliments from both casual onlookers and close acquaintances. It comes in both gold-plated and silver-plated versions and works well for both casual and dress-up outfit
  3. Mexican Beaded Necklace:  Head south of the border to make a truly distinct fashion statement with this Mexican-influenced beaded necklace. It’s completely handmade and is excellent for pulling off a vintage, bohemian-influenced look. This is one of those pieces you’ll be wearing for many summers to come
  4. Crochet Necklaces: This certainly isn’t your Grandmother’s crochet! These crochet pendant necklaces are different from anything else you’ve ever seen. The heartbeat and “lucky” styles have a fun, youthful vibe and the monogram crochet necklace can be customized with your initial for a totally personalized look
  5. Little Rainbow Bottle Necklace: Generally necklaces that are a little too “arts &crafts” can have a contrived feel about them. Not this rainbow bottle necklace! The cute miniature bottles and corks are cute (not corny) and the colorful fillings give it a stunning visual appearance. It all hangs beautifully on a lovely silver chain
  6. Rainbow Pencil Necklace:  Never fret – after the rain, the beautiful rainbow always follows. This one-of-a-kind necklace really captures the essence of nostalgic creativity.  This is truly a statement piece that will have absolute strangers and admirers asking where you purchased this item. It’s a very unorthodox and well-designed item - exactly what Cute Little Finds is all about
  7. Saw Necklace: Not every statement necklace needs to be dainty and colorful. Here is an example of a statement necklace with tons of edge and attitude. It features a rugged-looking saw in oxidized sterling silver. It is connected to a 20”silver curb chain and is perfect for wearing with a classic denim and white t-shirt look
  8. Spider Necklace:  Crafted from oxidized sterling silver, this arachnid-influenced “Black Widow” necklace is a perfect example of craftsmanship and imagination. The spider pendant is made from oxidized sterling silver, and the black glass cabochon in the center really elevates the masterful design of this item
  9. Tulips Necklace: If you’re looking for a statement necklace that also has a romantic dainty touch, look no further than this soft and dainty Tulip creation. The lifelike miniature tulips are handmade using polymer clay and they drape beautifully from a chain made from coral beads. Very nice indeed
  10. Wishbone Necklace: Minimal, understated, elegant and classy – those are all words that describe this sublime Wishbone necklace. It comes in a gold-plated or sterling silver version and it adds an air of class and refinement to any outfit. 
July 05, 2014 by Geo Hagan

Through the Looking Glass

Glass is such a versatile material. It can be heated, molded and shaped into all types of stunning and awe-inspiring forms and designs. It can even be tempered with other elements to make it durable and practically impenetrable. And it can also be stained and painted resulting in breathtaking, translucent imagery.

In the hands of a master glassblower, the infinite possibilities of glass really start to manifest themselves. Take for example the intricate and architectural bubble glasses in our Cute Little Finds shop. They are made by Amy and Eric in Canada and the mastery of craftsmanship is exemplary – witness how the perfect glass spheres are  delicately extruded from the base of the vessel.  The same glass wizardry is also shown in their 2-in-1 salt and pepper shaker.  In this design, we see one glass globe ensconced within another creating two distinct, easy-to-use compartments for the spices of your choice.

Glass also appears in some dainty and nostalgic offerings from our accessory section. The Little Rainbow Bottle necklace by Gracie. It features miniature glass flasks & jars filled with a lively array of colored seed beads. If all that’s a little too involved for your liking, take a gander at the empty miniature jar necklace also made by Gracie. It features a single miniature jar with a wooden cork attached to a vintage-looking copper chain – it’s great for keeping that mite-sized keepsake close to your heart at all times.

There’s a reason why white light refracts into a rainbow when it passes through a glass prism. It’s an apt metaphor, showing that glass can bring out the best in all of us.
December 18, 2013 by Geo Hagan

The power of color

Can you imagine what a dreary world it would be if everything was in black and white? Color provides the spice to life and adds the accents needed to make our lives that much more spectacular. Mother Nature herself is a master artist; the next time you take a walk outside, just look around at the mesmerizing strokes of vivid color placed all around us.

Color also creates instant visceral reactions within us. When we walk into a restaurant, the colors of the walls, table cloths and ceilings will make the space either seem inviting or unappealing. Or when we go shopping, a certain garment will attract us just because it has a certain hue or color combination. It’s even the same with people we’re attracted to – perhaps it was a certain color shade of her hair, the color of his eyes, that cool blue jacket she wore, and so on.

You’ll see a lot of color in the unique offerings carried at Cute Little Finds. For example you will be totally transported to your childhood by our novelty Rainbow Pencil Necklace which features a striking spectrum of recycled colored pencils. The same goes for our Periwinkle purple flower earrings – it will be spring time whenever you wear them. With regards to our home goods, you’ll encounter unique finds like our artisanal green & white enamel coated Espresso cups and our bold orange Carpe Diem doormat.

So do yourself a favor, start noticing all the wonderful colors around you when you step out of your door each day. We promise, your world will instantly become a more beautiful place.

November 20, 2013 by Geo Hagan