10 Thanksgiving Must-Haves from Cute Little Finds

10 Thanksgiving Must-Haves from Cute Little Finds

Thanksgiving is the official start to the busy holiday season. We don’t know about you, but for us, it’s definitely one of our favorite events of the year. What’s there not to like? There are the loving family reunions, great food and drinks, Thanksgiving Day football (and basketball), and of course the mad dash for Black Friday shopping immediately afterwards. To help make your Thanksgiving even more special this year, we have gathered some must-have CLF items to spruce up your kitchen, dining room and more. Read on ….

Sushi Kitchen Timer: First things first, the secret for having a great Thanksgiving Dinner is to make sure that the star of the event (the glorious turkey) is perfectly cooked. To achieve a stellar result, timing is absolutely key. This quirky sushi kitchen timer made from a block of solid wood and hand-molded resin will help you stay calm, on time and in control while you are creating your masterpiece, culinary creation.

Doll Arms Bag Hook: When everybody comes over to your place for Thanksgiving this year, you can officially say “adios” to people losing their keys or not knowing where they hung their scarves. Trust us - this unique wall hook ornament will save you a lot of headaches.

Four Seasons Spice Shaker: This novelty spice shaker is an excellent dining table accessory to pull out of your magic chest during Thanksgiving dinner. The Christmas tree and autumnal tree shakers capture the vibe of the holidays perfectly and it will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face.

Dragonfly Cocktail Stirrers: Who are we kidding? before, during, and long after your Thanksgiving dinner, there is going to be a lot of drinking going on. A great way to wow your guests is to break out these colorful cocktail stirrers for mixing your alcoholic concoctions. They will sing your praises for how much of a fun host you are.

Ouch Cutting Board: For chopping up veggies, proteins and other ingredients for your Thanksgiving fiesta, may we suggest this “Ouch” cutting board made from solid Beech wood. It’s an awesome example of descriptive design and it will add some levity and humor your cooking session.

Salad Bowl and Sparrow Servers: One of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner is the wide array of autumnal salads you can serve with your main dishes. Presentation is extremely important, so when you are bringing out your greens this year, opt for this adorably quirky salad bowl and sparrow server set. It will be a conversion piece for both the grownups and kids on the table.

Cap Snack Bowl: If your Thanksgiving celebrations are going to have more of a bachelor vibe, this cap snack below will fit perfectly in your dinnerware. While you’re watching Thanksgiving Day football, it’s an excellent vessel for your Doritos, salsa chips, Cheetos or even chicken wings. It’s an all-purpose bowl made for having tons of fun!

Teak Wooden Bowls: A great way to add a rustic and earthy charm to your Thanksgiving spread this year is using these stylish, handcrafted Japanese-style Teak bowls. In addition to the exceptional design, they are great for the environment too – they are made from excess wood left behind from logging activity. You can’t go wrong with that.

Alice in Wonderland Coasters:

You will never go wrong by adding a vintage and nostalgic touch to your Thanksgiving table spread. These coasters are handmade from stone tiles and they feature classic Alice In Wonderland illustrations from the original 1865 edition of the classic John Tenniel novel. They come in a set of 4, and their backs are covered with cork to protect delicate table surfaces.

Ornate Teatime Set: The morning after Thanksgiving, why don’t you sit down and relax with our beautiful teatime utensils handcrafted in London. They are made from ceramic material and have a lovely antique lace textured surface. And of course, the artistic “female legs” element incorporated into the designs of the teapot, teacup and sugar bath is just fantastic.

November 01, 2014 by Geo Hagan

Happy Father’s Day - Quirky Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and for all of you looking for something different for Dad this year, we have you covered. Why don’t you surprise your Dad and give him something that he’ll actually cherish for many years to come? Read about some of the cool gifts in our shop below:


  1. Does Dad enjoy cooking? Add to his home culinary experience by getting him this whimsical Ouch cutting board and inventive knife hooks and magnets.
  2. Is Dad a vintage collector? One of the most unique pieces in the CLF shop is the Vintage Brew lamp. The base is made from a vintage faucet handle and the bottle that holds the bulb dates all the way back to 1890.
  3. Does your Dad love dressing up and looking dapper? Give him a tie he’ll actually wear this year – see our sik ties with retro motifs like Penny Farthing bicycles or quirky graphics like a Unicorns and Wishbones. We’re sure these will put a smile on Dad’s face.
  4. To complement the cool ties in our shop, we have one-of-a-kind cufflinks for Dad that will blow his mind. These are cufflinks like you’ve never seen before: Salmon Maki, Dimsum and Cheeseburgers all make appearances. You certainly have to see these!
  5. For the Dad who likes to enjoy a delicious sushi dinner with a fine glass of Pinot Noir, we think he’ll go crazy for our Mr. Lee chopsticks and the fun Pinocchio Nose Bottle stopper.
  6. Does your Dad have a penchant for facial hair? Well, we have something that should really tickle his fancy. Check out our moustache candle holder  - it’s a little romantic, all original and an awesome conversation starter.
  7. Is your Dad into Home Improvement projects? If yes, items in the CLF shop like the vintage pipe towel holder and toilet paper holder will be cool fixer-upper activities he can sink his tools into.
  8. Lastly, remind your Dad that no matter how old he is, he still has the rest of his life ahead of him. What better way to convey that message than with this striking Carpe Diem doormat?


Happy Father’s Day to all and Happy Shopping! 

June 03, 2014 by Geo Hagan

10 Reasons it’s better to Give than to Receive

At the risk of sounding preachy, we all know that sharing and kindness are two virtues we all need to cultivate and nurture in our lives. Conversely greed and selfishness are two vices that constantly get us into tight spots in life. Below are 10 Reasons why we should always look into giving more rather than always trying to get more for ourselves.

First off, it’s a basic fact of nature. The more you give, the more you receive. It’s simply stated in Newton’s third law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The more you give and share love, happiness and thoughtful gifts, the more those same things will be given to you. It really is that simple.

  1. Giving actually makes you feel physically feel better. It’s a proven medical and scientific fact that consistent givers and altruistic people generally enjoy better health. The feeling of happiness you get from giving releases endorphins in the brain that promote wellness and relieves stress. Stress is the cause of such medical problems as high blood pressure and persistent depression. It’s simple – give more and enjoy better health.
  2. People who give enjoy a more fulfilling and social life. Giving and volunteering opens up your social circles and creates new connections in life that would have never occurred if you stayed in your little corner. So if you are tired of being lonely, start giving more and watch your life’s connections bloom and flourish.
  3. Giving increases your gratitude for life. When you feel life is treating you unfairly and nothing is going your way, it stems for putting all the focus on yourself. Giving allows you to take the focus off “me, me, me” and think about others. The more you give, the more you realize how really good life is.
  4. Giving generates goodwill. The more people see you as a kind giving person, the more others will grant you favors and give you chances and opportunities in life.
  5.  Giving allows for newer and better things to come to your life. When you hold on so tightly to possessions and money, it prevents new things from coming your way. Become a giver and see the amazing blessings that enter your life.
  6. Givers are always blessed in tough times. As a giver when you encounter tough situations, all the people you have given to in the past will stand in line to give you a helping hand. When givers stumble, they are back on their feet and back to normal in no time at all.
  7. Givers experience less regrets in life. Most bad decisions in life come from being selfish and always putting yourself first. As a giver, you know that being first in line, having more money, winning every argument, etc are not the most important things in life. Make a decision to give more and watch all your regrets and bad decisions in life dwindle down to nothing.
  8. Giving creates a higher self-esteem. The more gratitude and kindness we show others, the more we feel better and more confident about ourselves. As we all know, confidence and self-esteem are extremely vital in life.
  9. Lastly – Giving makes us HAPPIER. Living a sad, dejected, depressed and unfulfilling life is no way to survive. Take all the reasons above and find something that motivates you to give rather than receive, and it’s an absolute surety that you’ll have sunshine and joy all the days of your life. 
March 12, 2014 by Geo Hagan

V is for Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we can already hear the fluttering of Cupid’s wings in the air. What’s there not to love about V-day? It’s the one occasion when everyone in the world, no matter how busy, occupied or distracted they might be, makes time to show the appreciation, admiration and love to the closest people in their lives. It’s actually a shame that it happens only once a year, because it’s a state of mind we should have every single day.

But moving on, the more important question is this: what do you get for that special person your world revolves around? Well, in the CLF shop, we have many stellar gifts for both him and her. For the gents, we have a dapper selection of neck ties with appealing vintage motifs. You may even pair that purchase with our impressive “dim-sum, cheeseburger, salmon maki cufflinks. The attention to detail in the aforementioned cufflinks is simply mind-blowing, and will be a homerun gift for any style-savvy man.

For her, the possibilities are boundless. Why don’t you literally show her how lucky you are to have her by giving the charming sterling silver Wishbone necklace or the sultry sterling silver lariat Lucky Clover necklace? Or better yet, give her our stylish Paris grid necklace and whisk your lovely lady off on a romantic trip to France.  Another cute option is a customized gift like our adorable monogram crochet necklace.

However, if you intend to just stay in, and enjoy a romantic, home-cooked meal, we can help with that too. To create the perfect ambience, take a look at our playful doll head and quirky his & hers moustache/lips candleholders. You can even further enhance the mood with our vintage marble coasters adorned with sexy, nostalgic imagery.

It’s been said that the “V” in love stands for Valentine, so be sure to show your loved one just how much you really and truly care.

January 17, 2014 by Geo Hagan