The power of color

Can you imagine what a dreary world it would be if everything was in black and white? Color provides the spice to life and adds the accents needed to make our lives that much more spectacular. Mother Nature herself is a master artist; the next time you take a walk outside, just look around at the mesmerizing strokes of vivid color placed all around us.

Color also creates instant visceral reactions within us. When we walk into a restaurant, the colors of the walls, table cloths and ceilings will make the space either seem inviting or unappealing. Or when we go shopping, a certain garment will attract us just because it has a certain hue or color combination. It’s even the same with people we’re attracted to – perhaps it was a certain color shade of her hair, the color of his eyes, that cool blue jacket she wore, and so on.

You’ll see a lot of color in the unique offerings carried at Cute Little Finds. For example you will be totally transported to your childhood by our novelty Rainbow Pencil Necklace which features a striking spectrum of recycled colored pencils. The same goes for our Periwinkle purple flower earrings – it will be spring time whenever you wear them. With regards to our home goods, you’ll encounter unique finds like our artisanal green & white enamel coated Espresso cups and our bold orange Carpe Diem doormat.

So do yourself a favor, start noticing all the wonderful colors around you when you step out of your door each day. We promise, your world will instantly become a more beautiful place.

November 20, 2013 by Geo Hagan

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