10 Fall Upgrades for your Home & Kitchen

Similar to Spring Cleaning, the early days of Fall are excellent for sprucing up your surroundings and adding some new personality and verve to your living space. Many of you already know that Cute Little Finds has a great selection of style and fashion accessories, but we also have a deep array of cool products and items for your home too. Check out these ten upgrades that will make your Autumn living that much more special. Read below …

  1. Bubble Glasses – When you are entertaining this Fall, add some pep and panache to your presentation with these artisanal, hand-made glasses. Trust us, they’ll be a surefire conversation starter and your guests will be instantly smitten.
  2. Hummingbird Magnets – Fall is also a great time to get rid of all the clutter that may have accumulated throughout the year. So why don’t you start with your refrigerator and get rid of your old magnets and replace them with these super-cute and colorful hummingbird magnets?  The bright colors will liven up your mood, and better yet, they are made from recyclable materials.
  3. Doll Arm Bag Hooks – Autumn is also a great time to get organized and give everything its place in your neat and orderly home. These Doll Arm hooks are great for hanging keys, bags and even those elusive iPhone headphones that get lost all the time.
  4. ChiDolly Soap Pump – Autumn upgrades are for the kids too. Let your kids have some fun and laughs with this cute and dainty soap pump. It’s beautifully hand-painted and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of adults and kids alike.
  5. Elephant Coaster Set – Elephants don’t forget a thing, and trust us, when your guests see these unique hard wood elephant coasters, they won’t forget them either. They are beautifully crafted by hand in Thailand and they are guaranteed to stay in pristine condition for many, many years.
  6. Happy Bird Towel Hooks – Who doesn’t like to see or hear charming, chirping birds in the morning to help you start your day? These hanging ornaments are crafted with love and personality and both adults and children will appreciate the gaiety and cheerful nature of this design.
  7. Hello/Bye Floor Mat – Available in purple and green, these bold and exuberant doormats are great for bringing some vim and energy right to your doorstep. They are made from strong fibers of woven propylene and it’s lightweight and very easy to clean.
  8. Note Me PillowThis is a really cool upgrade for your bedroom – and guess what, it will also help you get closer to your loved one.  It’s an innovative and cute way to leave romantic notes, poems or short love letters for your sweetheart.
  9. Screw Collection Hooks – Honestly, the best way to de-clutter your home is to hang everything up neatly so it’s ready to use whenever you need it. These screws bring a dash of “industrial chic” to your home and all your visitors will be inquiring about where you got them. Very cool indeed.
  10. Tea-Shirt Tea infuser / Card Coasters The tea-shirt infuser is a great play on words and it’s also a whimsical and fun way to enjoy your favorite Chai or Green tea. Also why don’t you take the experience to the next level by using our quirky “teacups with legs” and our vintage “playing card” coasters? 


August 20, 2014 by Geo Hagan
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