8 Reasons Why Summer is Awesome

That time of the year is finally here when we can actually go out and enjoy the day. No more heavy jackets and bulky clothing – it’s time for bright colors, lightweight & flirty fashion, outside brunches and long walks in the park. Here are 8 reasons why we think summer is just so freakin’ awesome.


  1. When summer comes around, we get to let our hair down and wear cool, eccentric and noticeable accessories (like our Beaded Acai necklace, Rainbow bottle necklace, retro sunglasses and our lovely silver cat pendant).


  1. We get to actually sit outdoors and enjoy a nice, leisurely brunch whilst the balmy summer wind gently rustles through our hair. We have the perfect dinnerware for your brunch too – see our beautiful bubble cup glasses and stylish salad bowl and server).


  1. Summer is perfect for curling up outside in a comfortable lounge chair and getting lost in your favorite book. Our flip-flop bookmarks are great for this activity.


  1. When summer arrives, we can finally go to the garden again and put our green thumb skills to good use. Check out our doll-head planters. They will definitely add a touch of uniqueness to your home garden.


  1. With the warm weather, there’s no better pastime than taking long, rejuvenating walks with your loving furry friend. Make sure to do that in style with our fashionable dog leash sets.


  1. Summer is also great for redecorating and adding some new design accents to your abode. See our home section for our distinct doormats, Ouch cutting board and rustic teak wooden bowls.


  1. Nothing goes better with a pleasant summer evening than sitting with friends and enjoying some finely aged wine. Drink to your fill, and for any leftovers – you can use our quirky valve bottle stopper to save the rest for another day


  1. Lastly summer is a time for taking bold new risks and trying new things in life. To remind yourself of these endless possibilities, take a chance with our sleek Wishbone silver necklace and gold-plated fortune cookie necklace. Remember wishes come true and we create our own fortune.

See you next month! 

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