10 Reasons to Love Reading

10 Reasons To Love Reading  

We are not shy to say it. Around these parts, we are huge fans of reading - we wear our library cards proudly as if they were shiny badges of honor. So what is it about reading we love so much? Well, let’s count the ways There’s no better way to spend a lazy laid back afternoon than curling up with a great book and a relaxing cup of tea. 

  1. There’s no better way to spend a lazy laid back afternoon than curling up with a great book and a relaxing cup of tea. 

  2. Speaking about relaxation, a balmy day by the beach (or pool) is only about a 100 times better when you have a gripping page-turner in your hands.

  3. A good book can make you envision distant lands and foreign cultures from the comfort of your own living room.

  4. A great book can inspire, motivate, intrigue and uplift; the perfect pick-me-up without going to a Tony Robbins or Oprah seminar.

  5. Reading is the perfect tonic for the soul. When your life is in a flux, just sit down with a good book and slow everything down. 

  6. Reading makes you smarter – it’s a simple fact. The more books you read, the more knowledge you attain. It’s as simple as that. 

  7. Reading helps you be more socially adept. The more you read, the more you’re in-tune with the overall human experience and you have more in common with everyone you meet.

  8. Reading exercises the brain. The brain is just like any other muscle in the body. If you don’t use it, it gets weak and flabby. You don’t want a weak and flabby brain – do you? 

  9. Reading zaps away boredom. How can you ever rightfully say “I don’t have anything to do?” There are over 130 million books in the world – get cracking!

  10. Lastly Reading is fundamental – it sparks creativity and it’s the foundation of education and intelligence. Could you imagine what our world would be without the treasure of books? We can’t either.


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