Spring Transitions

There’s no doubt about it – we’ve been ensnarled in one of the wickedest winters in recent years. It’s been enough to make even the most optimistic, upbeat people want to lock themselves up in their bedrooms with their favorite snacks and movies, and not reemerge until spring arrives. But the truth is, even though it’s dreary and cold right now, the warm weather will eventually return and at Cute Little Finds, we have all kinds of unique and intriguing products to make your spring transition one to remember.

So what’s the big thing on everyone’s calendar when winter finally departs? The answer is “Spring Cleaning.” Getting your home ready and giving your surroundings a facelift for the warmer, happier months ahead are huge priorities on almost everyone’s list. In the home goods category, CLF truly excels. A perfect example is our Brewmaster Lamp which is just an awesome statement piece. Its base is made from beautifully aged plumbing pipes. And it utilizes a vintage faucet as its off/on switch. The lamp’s bulb is also encased within an antique bottle dating back to the early 1900’s. Another item that features remarkable craftsmanship is the garlic basket made from exquisitely-woven, hand-dyed reed splints. The reed has been hand-dyed with an iron-oxide pigment to give it a vintage-inspired patina (the onion basket is another winner too). It’s excellent for adding an instant rustic touch to your kitchen. Other items in our inventory that will add instant character to your kitchen are the whimsical Ouch and Teak cutting boards, the hand-painted Bone Appetit dinnerware and an adorable set of rounded wooden bowls.  

The CLF shop also carries stylish items for your bathroom including the toilet paper holder and towel holder made from handsome aged metal piping – these elegant touches will add class to any restroom. Sticking with the vintage theme, we also strongly recommend the set of 10 antique “S” hooks which are carefully barn-aged to give them an appealing rusty patina. They will have your abode looking a picturesque and quaint apartment in Paris.

Spring is about to bloom again, so best make sure your home surroundings are ready to welcome the pleasant, sunny days ahead. 

February 21, 2014 by Geo Hagan
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