Through the Looking Glass

Glass is such a versatile material. It can be heated, molded and shaped into all types of stunning and awe-inspiring forms and designs. It can even be tempered with other elements to make it durable and practically impenetrable. And it can also be stained and painted resulting in breathtaking, translucent imagery.

In the hands of a master glassblower, the infinite possibilities of glass really start to manifest themselves. Take for example the intricate and architectural bubble glasses in our Cute Little Finds shop. They are made by Amy and Eric in Canada and the mastery of craftsmanship is exemplary – witness how the perfect glass spheres are  delicately extruded from the base of the vessel.  The same glass wizardry is also shown in their 2-in-1 salt and pepper shaker.  In this design, we see one glass globe ensconced within another creating two distinct, easy-to-use compartments for the spices of your choice.

Glass also appears in some dainty and nostalgic offerings from our accessory section. The Little Rainbow Bottle necklace by Gracie. It features miniature glass flasks & jars filled with a lively array of colored seed beads. If all that’s a little too involved for your liking, take a gander at the empty miniature jar necklace also made by Gracie. It features a single miniature jar with a wooden cork attached to a vintage-looking copper chain – it’s great for keeping that mite-sized keepsake close to your heart at all times.

There’s a reason why white light refracts into a rainbow when it passes through a glass prism. It’s an apt metaphor, showing that glass can bring out the best in all of us.
December 18, 2013 by Geo Hagan
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