The art of slowing down

Let’s face it – nowadays most of us are living our lives in a rushed and frenzied blur. We are always on deadline, rushing to answer that important email, driving faster than we probably should to make that appointment, hurrying through our lunch break because there is just so much office to work to do. But the question is this: When does it all end? What exactly is the end point of all this hustle and bustle? Most people live their lives in this state for years and years without ever taking a step back to realize what truly matters in the bigger picture.

At Cute Little Finds, we feel very strongly about taking time to fully create and curate your best life. That’s why we offer items and products that inspire and enrich your days.  For example, we encourage you to relax and brew a cup of tea with our artistic vintage-inspired ceramic teapot and cup set by Undergrowth Design. While you’re enjoying your hot brew, pick up a good old-fashioned book and let your thoughts wander and travel. We have whimsical and quirky bookmarks from My Bookmark that will make you chuckle and smile whenever you see them. When it’s time to put your tomes away and head on to the next task, you can use our novelty bicycle and rake/shovel bookends from Design Atelier Article to store your books.

The next time you find yourself galloping through life at a high velocity while operating on auto-pilot; remember the importance of unplugging and taking some hours to truly savor and enjoy life.  

December 12, 2013 by Geo Hagan
Tags: books relax
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